As a competitor on the world’s biggest tennis stages, Jim Grabb both succumbed to the pressure and experienced flow states. Thus, Jim is a performance coach who knows firsthand what it’s like to choke (get tight, hesitate, seize up) as well as how to elevate play (zone, “everything was going slow…it was effortless”) while performing under intense pressure. He’s familiar with the highs, lows, tension, quirky thoughts, issues surrounding injury, and general stresses that come with any serious quest, athletic or otherwise. 

At Stanford University, Jim captained the varsity tennis team, playing on two NCAA Championship teams and winning the Rafael Osuna Sportsmanship Award. During a 13-year career on the ATP Tennis Tour, he achieved world rankings of #1 in doubles and #24 in singles, was a two-time Grand Slam Doubles winner, and represented the United States in Davis Cup Team play. Jim won 2 ATP singles titles and 23 doubles titles, and served as Vice-President of the ATP Tour Player Council. 
After graduating with a BA in Economics from Stanford University, Jim received the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2011, and spent 5 years in the investor relations department of a US-based global hedge fund firm.  Throughout his career, Jim has also coached elite tennis players and consulted with high-performance tennis programs. 
Today Jim is a Mindfulness Institute Accredited Teacher and is certified to teach MAPs, an introductory mindfulness curriculum created by UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center. Drawing upon his diverse experiences and broad skill set, Jim blends the mental dexterity training he did as a successful professional athlete, his background in a corporate environment, and his practice of mindfulness to enable every student to improve focus, performance, emotional intelligence, and well-being.